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Welcome to Neverending Store, my very own online store, a metaphysical place where the most improbable ideas manifest themselves in the form of clothing and seemingly innocent objects, but rich in meaning. Therefore, paraphrasing the One who is, take and have them all. 😇

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God Can © Elia Cristofoli 2001
God Can © Elia Cristofoli 2001

The first collection to be unveiled is GOD CAN, an irreverent character freely inspired by the so-called 'Eye of Providence,' as depicted on U.S. dollars – and not coincidentally on the emblems of some secret societies. Basically, it's just a triangle with an eye in the middle, but being omnipotent, it can do whatever it pleases. That's why, precisely, God can, in English, God can.

For now, it's available in five versions: with arms on the hips, with a raised finger, in executioner version, in police version, and in the inevitable 420 version. Soon, more versions will be added, so keep an eye on the website... 😉

God Can © Elia Cristofoli 2001
God Can © Elia Cristofoli 2001
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