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Scrittura creativa Elia Cristofoli



“The act of writing is the painting of the voice.” – Voltaire


In what sense?

Scrittura creativa di Elia Cristofoli

It's as if there were a non-creative writing! Technically, every time someone writes, they are creating something, whether it's a grocery list, a resume, or a response to a message.


On the other hand, by "creative writing," one mostly refers to the kind of writing associated with advertising and, more broadly, communication. In truth, creative writing involves anyone who can invent and tell stories. So, writers, songwriters, poets... They are the creative writers who inspire me the most.




Screenwriting, or scriptwriting, is a specific method of creative writing designed for theater, cinema, television, and video in general. Through a script, one can write both a 30-second commercial and a two-hour film. The actions, dialogues, locations, shots, etc., are described using precise technical language so that all set professionals know what to do simply by reading the script. For this reason, those who (like me) write screenplays prefer to use dedicated software with automated formatting, such as Final Draft or Celtx, because using Word or Pages would waste hours on formatting.

Fiction & Novels


I don't consider myself a writer, although in the next life, if there ever is one, I would love to be one. However, in my own small way, I've written a lot and even published three books—two novels and an essay. These experiences have contributed a lot to my professional growth, teaching me how to structure complex storytelling in a simple and impactful way.

When someone asks me to come up with a story, my eyes turn into little hearts: 😍

Take a look at the pages dedicated to my books. I bet you'll find them at least interesting... 🙃




A logo without a slogan is like a store without a sign. The big brands know it well; just think of Nike - Just Do It; McDonald's - I'm lovin' it, and so on...

These few words concentrate the essence and values of the brands they accompany, strengthening the logo and imprinting it in the mind.

Create yourself a slogan!

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