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To comunicate.
by any means.
at all costs.

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Hello fellow internet user!

This website is my personal portfolio, where you can enjoy a variety of art ranging from illustration to writing, from old-school directing to the metaverse. Of course, for SEO reasons, I must reiterate that my name is Elia Cristofoli, that I am a professional artist and independent filmmaker, based in Verona, Veneto, Italy, Europe, Earth, Milky Way, and that everything you see here comes solely and exclusively from my creativity.

Enjoy the journey!


Creative writing, storyboarding, directing, and editing of commercials and promotional videos, both as a director, with the support of specially recruited crews and/or production houses, and as a videomaker, for more, let's say, straightforward projects.


In Video Veritas

The new podcast on Critical Thinking
– sharp and incisive –


Spotify IVV di Elia Cristofoli
YouTube Channell IVV di Elia Cristofoli
TikTok IVV di Elia Cristofoli

Music Video

Lip-synced music videos, with storytelling and animated cartoons...

Uomini Terribili e Come Evitarli di Elia Cristofoli


Uomini Terribili e Come Evitarli di Elia Cristofoli


Terrible Men Podcast (available only in Italian)

on YouTube


My Art

Illustrations, drawings, comics, sketches, and NFT collections: take a look!