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360° VR Video


“In a world without limits, where would you go?” - Parzival, Ready Player One


Immersive videos

Video VR 360 di Elia Cristofoli

360° VR videos (360-degree virtual reality) represent an incredible sales tool to showcase real estate, hotels, locations, and any other type of business that requires a virtual tour, so to speak.

Thanks to this technology, we can create immersive videos of your spaces, allowing us to move within them in 360 degrees. The best part is that we can upload them directly to your YouTube channel, your Facebook page, or your website.

Below are some of these videos, uploaded to their respective YouTube and Facebook channels, which, as you can see, also work with a simple link on the website. Start the video, press and hold inside, and move the mouse or finger to navigate in the space.

NB: If you are on mobile, you might encounter some issues; in that case, simply click on the YouTube logo to open the video in the dedicated app, often preinstalled on all devices.


Example of a 360° VR video for a virtual tour in a historic winery. Video linked directly from YouTube - make sure to watch it in the highest resolution; otherwise, it might start in low resolution, depending on your Google settings. As you can see, it's not an emotional video edited to the rhythm of music. The concept is quite different; we need to extend the time and allow the viewer to look around, approximately 30 seconds per scene.


In this case as well, it's a virtual tour, but the video is linked from Facebook, which works quite well but not as smoothly as YouTube, whose video streaming performance has always been unparalleled.


How much do they cost?

If you think a 360° VR video is very expensive, you're wrong. Because these are purely technical videos, where most of the work takes place during post-production, requiring high-performance computers. Just think that exports in 6K, the minimum for acceptable resolution, weigh about 4 GB per minute..

But do you need VR headsets?

As already mentioned, but especially as demonstrated by the videos presented here, absolutely not. Of course, you can also navigate with VR headsets, but they are not necessary for virtual tours of this kind. In fact, it's more fun to navigate them from a computer or mobile, try it to believe it.


Another example of a virtual tour, showcasing a luxury apartment in the city center. What better way to present a location to a tourist? With a virtual tour, there's no cheating; that's why it's an added value destined to grow over time...

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If you need to create videos for your business, whatever it may be, give me a call or send me a message. A quick chat won't cost you anything. Videos are your most effective business cards, showcasing you to an increasingly wider audience.

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